Puerto Vallarta – Tricia Diamond

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has been my favorite destination for over 30 years. When your in the midst of a bitter cold Chicago winter you can hop on a quick nonstop flight and arrive into the tropical warmth and mountains of Old Mexico. Cobblestone lines the streets and mariachi music fills the air. The picturesque Sierra Mountains are dotted down to Banderas Bay which covers 125 miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean. In the soft purring sound of the waves on the pristine white sandy beaches you will find the romance of this city. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton found their romance here many years ago, when it was a small sleepy fishing village. Ride horses on the beach or just take in the beautiful sunsets that kiss the sky with pink, gold and fiery red colors at the end of a relaxing day. Wales find their home and breeding ground here during the winter months as well as tremendous deep sea fishing. This is truly Mexico at its best!